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Filming in India: How to Stop Worrying and Start Filming in 7 Steps - Part 2

Continuing from our 2 part article on filming in India:

5. Filming Equipment: Don't want to lug filming gear all the way to India and pay a fortune in excess baggage? Or need to hire some additional gear at the last moment thanks to a forgetful Camera assistant? No worries. India has the latest gear available on hire. At Backpack Films, we work with some of the most reliable equipment vendors across the country: 4k cameras, primes lenses, lights, sound equipment and accessories are all available here. We can rent the entire kit or just bits and bobs for you. A word of caution: India doesn’t do dry rentals. We do try to keep the crew as small as possible, but often a helping hand to lug the gear and keep it secure is always welcome.

6. Local Crew: Your favourite cameraperson or sound recordist's visa hasn't come through? Does your production not have the budget to fly down crew to India and accommodate them in fancy hotels? A last-minute request from the client leaving you with no time to process a crew member’s permits or visas? Luckily, India has one of the largest film industries in the world and we have some talented cinematographers, sound recordists, directors and additional crew. At Backpack Films, we have a pool of talented crew members across the country that we regularly draw from for international clients. From simple talking-head interviews to full-fledged documentary shoots we can put together a great local team for you.

7. Research: The internet is a great research tool but it has some limitations for accurate, on-ground research. Not everything you see or read on internet searches is necessarily true or still valid. At Backpack Films, we take the effort to understand your story needs and the sort of research that would best fit it. We have a pool of excellent researchers, subject experts and actual boots on the ground to help you find information and details that are relevant – and current. If time and budget permits, we can also conduct a in-depth recce to help you get some more insights into the character, location or story.

Filming in India can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Just make sure you engage with right fixing/production services company.

With Backpack Films you are in good hands. Filming in India is not a cakewalk but we will surely make your filming in India journey memorable and painless.


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