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Making it Possible for Ericsson

Shooting a stills campaign for Ericsson 5G in and around Delhi with photographer Charudatt Chitrak was an incredible experience that combined cutting-edge graphics with stunning visuals. The campaign was conceptualised by Lee Devine and his team at Archetype. Backpack Films were the line production partners entrusted with making it happen.

As one of the leading providers of 5G technology, Ericsson needed to showcase the power and potential of its product through a series of stunning stills. This is where Charudatt Chitrak came in, a talented and experienced photographer who specializes in capturing the essence of a location and its people.

The team from Backpack Films spent weeks researching and scouting locations around Delhi, looking for the perfect spots to showcase Ericsson's 5G technology - stadiums, farms and village houses. Casting was another challenge - as we needed to find the right cast which represented real people who would represent Ericsson's customer base in India. Backpack Films ensured that the photoshoot would be a seamless and successful experience for the agency, clients and the photography team.

The campaign was shot using state-of-the-art equipment, including high-resolution cameras. Charudatt used his expertise in lighting and composition to create images that would stand out and capture the essence of the brand.

One of the key elements of the campaign was showcasing the impact of 5G on people's lives, from emergency healthcare to education to entertainment. Charudatt captured the cast in real-life situations, showcasing the potential of 5G to transform their lives. The images highlighted the potential of 5G to bridge the digital divide and provide access to technology to those who might not have had it otherwise.

Overall, shooting a stills campaign for Ericsson 5G was a fantastic experience. The collaboration between the photographer, production team, the agency and the brand resulted in stunning images that showcased the power and potential of 5G technology. The images were widely used in marketing and promotional materials, and helped to position Ericsson as a leader in the industry. See the BTS video here.


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