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Top Five Reasons to Film in India

Every year dozens of documentary films, TV shows, commercials, feature films, branded content films, and music videos are shot all around the world.

Why should you choose to film in India?

Here are the top five, six reasons!

1. India is diverse: India is not a country, it is like a union of countries. India offers a huge variety of weathers, landscapes, cultures, music, dances, agriculture, monuments, cuisines, languages and, of course, people! Vast deserts, majestic mountains, lush forests, pristine beaches, picturesque villages, snowscapes and backwaters. It’s like a bouquet of filming locations!

2. India is safe: India is one of the safest countries to film in. For a person travelling to India for the first time, the crowds, the noise, the traffic, the sheer size of it (and the occasional cows on the streets) might seem daunting. But India remains one of the safest places to film. People here are friendly, there is no obvious crime on the streets and though you might have heard otherwise – it is safe for women. We work with film crews where a large part of the team comprises of women, and in the past 15 or more years we have never had any untoward experiences

3. India is exciting: There is always a surprise around the corner when you are filming in India. Interesting stories and colourful characters are just waiting to be discovered. Colourful festivals (well, they can be a bit loud!) like Holi, Eid, the Ganesh festival, Navratri and Diwali are a cameraman’s dream (and a sound-man’s nightmare!). Busy bazaars, serene seashores and majestic mountains offer lots of visual possibilities. Regional cuisines, fiery flavours and a variety of spices for the food shows; an amazing variety of wildlife and ecosystems for the wildlife filmmakers; a treasure trove of historical monuments and sagas, booming film industries across the country making more than just the song-and-dance kind of cinema; stories of unlikely entrepreneurs and technological breakthroughs... There’s something exciting here for every crew!

4. India is convenient: Getting to India is certainly convenient from almost any part of the world – unless you live in the Arctic circle! Almost all major cities of the world are connected to the big cities of India by flights – Bombay, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa, Chennai and many other international airports service all parts of the country. There are frequent internal flights between cities and smaller airports. Train journeys are comfortable, with most long distance trains having air-conditioned coaches. Hiring cars and larger vehicles for crew transport can be done via trusted and licensed vendors. Most of the states have good roads except for remote mountain areas. So if you are worrying about logistics and travel in India – don’t!

5. India is happening: It’s all happening here! India is one of the world’s largest economies thanks to the ever-burgeoning population, which comprises of a huge percentage of young people, new discoveries, new challenges, new startups, new markets… All big brands, financial institutions and corporations are here. You should be here too!

6. India has crew: Thanks to the six big film industries and other smaller centres around the country, finding experienced and talented crew around the country is never a problem. Over the years, we have assembled a hand-picked group of freelance film crew who are attuned to the working style of lean international crews. So in case you want to fly in without a crew or use a partial Indian crew – we’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Filming in India is going to be an enriching experience – more so when you are filming with an experienced and resourceful fixing services company. Get in touch with us today!


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