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Backpack Films, the best production fixers for international documentary films, commercials and branded content film shoots in India.


Responsive. Resourceful. Reliable.

About Us

About Us


If you are looking to film in India and are looking for the best fixers to film with across the country, you’ve come to the right place! At Backpack Films you’ll find a team that can help wrangle permits, speak in 15 different Indian languages, a team which has excellent English speaking skills, can do in-depth research, can sort out the logistics, and arrange for film gear in remote places – and yes, can also share a beer with you!

Backpack Films, headed by Amit Vachharajani and a team of amazing fixers, researchers and a dedicated logistics team, will make sure you have a great time filming in India.


Backpack Films has more than 20 years of experience dealing with international documentary films, branded content, commercials and photo shoots in India. You could be filming a major series with a big-ticket presenter and a large crew, or you could be a two-person crew making a small documentary – at Backpack Films, you will get the same amount of attention to detail, production support and TLC. After years of working on projects big and small, obs-docs, natural history films, travel shows, food shows, current affairs, magicians’ tv specials, commercials, branded content films and other really weird shit – we’re happy to report that we still get excited about every project every production that we take on!

Some of the challenging and prestigious projects we have executed successfully are Story of God with Morgan Freeman, Joanna Lumley's India, Out There with Stephen Fry, Man vs Wild special with Bear Grylls, Idiot Abroad and Moaning of Life with Karl Pilkington, The Real Marigold Hotel series, For the Love of Animals with Paul O'Grady, One Strange RockMagician Impossible with Dynamo, Jamie Oliver's Meat Free Meals, World's Busiest Railways with Anita Rani, Dan Snow and Robert Llewelyn, Cruising with Jane McDonaldSave This Rhino with Kevin Pietersen. We are also the 

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